Review: Maysville, NYC

Hellooooo. I ate at a new restaurant 🙂 It's called Maysville and I found it completely on accident when it was Saturday and I was attempting to find a reservation for brunch-ish time in Flatiron on Sunday. For those of you who are fans of adventure novels and gripping tales of trials and tribulations, this [...]

Review: Anejo Tribeca, NYC

Hi. I went to brunch on Saturday and that's important because it was delicious. I'm not going to inundate you with words about this spectacular brunch experience because a picture is worth a thousand words, BUT here are some key things I must note for the sake of *journalism*: This is Anejo Tribeca The brunch [...]

Review: The Smith, NYC

Last weekend was girls' weekend! That means my girlfriends came to town and had lots of cheese and yummy drinks and when that wasn't happening, we were at restaurants eating our faces off (ok, maybe those activities are all exactly the same). This post is probably a little overdue because I love The Smith and [...]