Thoughts: The definition of friendship

  Ok. So, I'm starting to realize that the stories I share on this blog make it sound like my entire life is stuffed full of characters from John Green books. Know that I recognize that. Know that I see the literary theme that's building here. Also know that I can't do a single thing [...]

Thoughts: Gaps

I'm realizing that there are stages to losing people. These stages don't happen in any defined order, but there are some key ones. There's the stage where it hurts constantly, nonstop, like you're hemorrhaging, or something, and it's all you think about to the point where anything from a banana peel to a bottle of [...]

Short Story: Running Scared

Short Story, 4700 words; Published in Windhover Literary Magazine   There are people everywhere, milling about like they’ve got these crazy strict, set-in-stone agendas. Pulling their two-ton suitcases; carrying bulging briefcases and purses and backpacks. Little kids are struggling to keep up with Mom, while Irritable Business Man doesn’t have time to look where he’s [...]