Thoughts: “Pastimes” and other concepts

Social distancing Day 14! (Or, for you, maybe 12? 7? 3.5?? Stay inside?? PLEASE???) If you read my blog (which is still such a crazy yet heartwarming concept for me), you know that I live in New York City. Center of the universe! Times are shitty...but I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse... ...this is [...]

Thoughts: What you deserve

I consider myself to be in a very middle-space right now. Very transitional, very transformational, very throw-me-in-a-terrarium-and-study-me-in-a-third-grade-science-class. I know life in general is arguably one big state of perpetual middleness, anyways, but this feels super, extra middle. I also am realizing I have a bad memory. And while in this fun little middle stage, I [...]