Review: Someone Great

Review: Someone Great

In more breaking news re: Netflix-knows-me-better-than-I-know-myself/Is-slowly-plotting-to-take-over-my-life, I have another favorite Netflix Original and it's called Someone Great. LADIES - this is a feel it, laugh about it, totally relate to it, modern story about girl power - and somewhere the Spice Girls just shed a sparkly tear. (Slight spoilers to follow, but they are minor. Super [...]

Review: On My Block

Because I am so committed to contributing to all the categories I've created on Things, I recently elected to dedicate my time and energy to binge-watching all two seasons of On My Block. Yes. I did it. For you. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, people.   Ok, so, On My Block is a show on Netflix that [...]

Review: Us

Hi. Ok, so: I saw Us. In theaters. Last week. If you know me personally at all, you know there are half a million things wrong with those three statements. First off, I barely watch movies on my couch, much less when I have to get dressed. If I do see a movie, it's almost [...]