I, like everyone else in the world (it seems), have been so tired lately. I get up too early, work all day, stay up too late in an effort to trick a 24-hour-day into producing the ROI of a 30-hour one. And, as you all know if you’ve read any of my other posts, I like to […]

Brave new girl

Alright, so anyone who knows me AT ALL can vouch for the fact that I hate pictures. Like, hatethem. To the point where there has to be some deep-rooted psychological thing going on, and I probably need to have my dreams evaluated, or something. That being said, I still sometimes take pictures, and pose for pictures, and have the […]


  It can be hard to be a dreamer. To want something uncommon, do something uncommon, be something uncommon. To express a desire towards achieving something that not everyone has, or will, or can. It can be hard defending your ability, or your aspirations, or your vision. Dream, anyways. It can be hard to speak […]

Who you are

(You can also read this post as published on Thrive Global!)   I’m a writer. I’m other things, too, of course. I’m a marketer. I’m an MBA. I’m a Real Housewives junkie and, as of recently, I’m a blogger. But the longest, self-selected title I’ve held throughout my life is Writer. As a Writer, I tend to […]