Who you are

I’m a writer. I’m other things, too, of course. I’m a marketer. I’m an MBA. I’m a Real Housewives junkie and, as of recently, I’m a blogger. But the longest, self-selected title I’ve held throughout my life is Writer. As a Writer, I tend to admire and – if I’m lucky – form special bonds with other […]

How the strong survive

  As we all know by now, my 2018 is all about realizing stuff, bettering myself, learning new things, and doing (within reason) anything else that could be considered a cool “growth” opportunity. Part of that process, for me, includes building a writing platform. As a lifelong writer/storyteller/word-lover/book-nerd, this was probably a long time coming. […]


  I have a friend, and she has this amazing analogy about relationships, and it’s meant a lot to me lately. So I want to share it for any of you (inevitably all of you, at some point) who it might also really help. She’s decided she thinks that relationships are like jars. You meet […]