“Pastimes” and other concepts

Social distancing Day 14! (Or, for you, maybe 12? 7? 3.5?? Stay inside?? PLEASE???) If you read my blog (which is still such a crazy yet heartwarming concept for me), you know that I live in New York City. Center of the universe! Times are shitty...but I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse... ...this is [...]

Oh, it’s 2020?

Oh my goodness. Hello. So, it’s been MONTHS (yet, somehow, not a year???), and I know that, since I’ve had a moment to blog. Physically speaking. Also, mentally speaking. The entire world has had so much going on...props to you for carrying on, my friend. (Regardless of how many days now you’ve been on that [...]

Don’t worry, be happy

  (For the record/to avoid copyright lawsuits, I would just like to say that Bob Marley used this phrase first.) As we officially re-enter the most happiest time of the year (even Mariah Carey says it's time now), I would just like to release a friendly PSA that reminds us all to be happy. And [...]