big enough

The way he thinks about you isn’t big enough He doesn’t believe in all the kinds of things you do Like real-life “ever afters”; happy endings Like second chances or the magic that is you The way he thinks about you isn’t big enough He has your heart; you have his mind, his conscious thoughts […]


  Disclaimer: I used to write “songs” in middle/early high school, and while I’m not exactly/at all a pop star today, I was digging through some old files and found something I thought might resonate for some of you. Excerpted below. (If you’re Diddy and you’re reading this, please see my about me page to […]

I understand

Free write, 500 words; featured on CompanyONE “Stories” blog   I don’t know you, but I understand. I understand what it is to be different, the kind of different that the world doesn’t notice; the kind of different that’s overshadowed by a pretty face and the seeming normality of your friends and family, the mainstream-nature […]

Running Scared

Short Story, 4700 words; Published in Windhover Literary Magazine   There are people everywhere, milling about like they’ve got these crazy strict, set-in-stone agendas. Pulling their two-ton suitcases; carrying bulging briefcases and purses and backpacks. Little kids are struggling to keep up with Mom, while Irritable Business Man doesn’t have time to look where he’s […]