Thoughts: “Pastimes” and other concepts

Social distancing Day 14!

(Or, for you, maybe 12? 7? 3.5?? Stay inside?? PLEASE???)

If you read my blog (which is still such a crazy yet heartwarming concept for me), you know that I live in New York City. Center of the universe! Times are shitty…but I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse…

…this is a lyric from Rent. This is not me having a breakdown. Or a breakthrough? Maybe it is…

Social distancing Day 14.

But ok, like I was saying, I live in NYC. However, in favor of the ability to, like, not be quarantined in a box (re: my apartment) for who-knows-how-long, I have ventured back down to the open plains of Maryland to ride out however long this ride may take us.

Aka, I’m at my parents’ house and they have a backyard and food and stuff so YAY.

Just like everyone else (should be), I’m doing all I can to wash my hands and wipe down surfaces and go no where, which has led me to ponder the really philosophical questions in life like “Do I have anything to wear if I have to stay here until June?” and “Are goldfish crackers a decent source of vitamin D?”

I realized quickly I needed to DO SOMETHING WITH MYSELF.

Now, I’m a fan of ~relaxation~ as much as the next girl and as spooked as most of my company is about working from home, I’m super into it and always have been. Sell the whole office, if you ask me!

But working from home AND no restaurants or happy hours or happy hours IN restaurants or **sigh** brunch, has inspired me to create some “plans” for all this free time.

So here’s what I’m up to! Maybe it’ll give you some ideas, too?

  • Agent hunting. I get that this isn’t exactly transferable to all of us at the moment, but is still a chunk of my time/commitment to myself. And hoping that, if I write it down enough, it will go from a hunt to a victory.
  • Meditating. Guys, I literally never, ever thought I would be into this kind of thing ever. EVER. I watch The Real Housewives. I strongly considered dropping out of the yoga class I signed up for at the community college one summer because stretching and being quiet is hard. BUT, meditation has still been my thing for close to a year now and I strongly recommend it if you don’t do it already. I use the Calm app, which is perfect because almost all of the meditations are about ten minutes long, you can pick the nice lady’s voice or the nice man’s voice to talk you through it, one of them will give you that day’s lesson, which will be about mindfulness or self-confidence or happiness, and so on, and then you’re done. In the midst of all the stress and crazy, I actually find myself remembering tips from the app. And it works! I think.
  • DUOLINGO. This deserves an all-caps. I want to know Spanish sooo badlyyyy. I took French for something like eight years and am as conversational as Bugs Bunny. It’s like every language capability I have went fully into English and none was left over for anything else. Well, I’m determined to beat the odds while I’m inside and learn SPANISH with Duolingo. Which, by the way, is free. So maybe try it!
  • Books. Mmm I just love reading. So, I’m reading lots right now. Just finished a book, in the midst of reading another, and have about three more I want to order! I owe you guys some book recos so be on the lookout.
  • Work out. I want a fun class I can do on the floor with some aerobics and some toning exercises. Do Hulu and Netflix have these sorts of things?? No clue where to start or what to choose but the gym is closed and I haven’t walked my usual ~15,000 steps in days and did I mention my parents have food? HELP.
  • Be grateful. There is a lot happening and it is sooo easy for us to worry about it, complain about it, be sad about it, understandably. I’m very guilty of all those things. But there are always things to be grateful for. We have to remember them and hold tight to them and be so, so damn thankful that they’re ours. Be present, people. A lot of times, the moment you’re in isn’t all that bad after all.

GOOD LUCK with your social distancing. Hope you are all so healthy and so happy.

Xo Charlene

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