Advice: Don’t worry, be happy



(For the record/to avoid copyright lawsuits, I would just like to say that Bob Marley used this phrase first.)

As we officially re-enter the most happiest time of the year (even Mariah Carey says it’s time now), I would just like to release a friendly PSA that reminds us all to be happy.

And while I have come more and more to believe/understand/appreciate that happiness is a state of mind and not the mere result of a bunch of dope things happening to us in unisonI did think it might be helpful to provide some reminders/recommendations for ~*zen*~. ‘Tis the season of giving!

SO. Here we go…

#1: I’ve said it once and I will say it again: go easy on yourself. I know we’ve all been told wayyyy too many times to think positively, like it’s so easy and like it will change everything, so know that I’ve rolled my eyes at this oversimplified advice as many times as you have. BUT, I must say, that the more I started to do it, the more I started to succumb to the magical powers of my positive thoughts. Tell yourself you’re amazing. Tell yourself you look so good in those new jeans you bought. Tell yourself you have nice nail beds. Tell yourself anything good whenever you start to ride yourself about anything “bad” and your brain will get better and better at being your constant hype man. We all deserve one.

#2: Gifts are fun. Get yourself one! Not too long ago, I invested in a massage package at a spa in midtown and it is life changingI’ve also become a travel addict lately (shout out to all my friends willing to go broke on airline tickets with me <3), so I highly support rewarding yourself with a little getaway, if you can swing it. But, if you can’t, there’s so much else you can do for yourself. Like buying those Krispy Kremes you love. Or treating yourself to the $6 rental on iTunes for that movie you’ve always wanted to see. Or maybe even getting yourself a plant! Apparently they’re good for the soul, especially if you can keep them alive. (I hear that Haus Bright grow lights help.)

#3: Remember that You-Time is magic. Carve out the time you need (and deserve) to be all about you and what you need. To do the things that give you the warm and fuzzies. To watch the right shows or read the right books in the right onesie with the right beverage. Whatever it is that makes you feel all good inside, find the time to do it.

#4: EAT. Guys. Food is amazing. I have a whole section about food on this blog. It’s delicious and makes people happy and smells like magic so let’s not belittle its power. Not to mention it LITERALLY IS REQUIRED FOR LIFE. So maybe don’t stuff your face until you want to die, but find that comfort food every once in a while and let it comfort you! Apparently there are even certain foods that help improve your mood. No, I haven’t tried this strategy yet. But I’m down if you are. 


As lovely as holidays are, I know they can also be draining for a number of reasons. They’re the happiest time of the year but also the first representation that another year is coming to an end, and it can be tough to accept that when you don’t have the things that you know you want, yet. But those things are coming, and while achieving them may be a check off your bucket list, they won’t singlehandedly guarantee your happiness. Only you can do that, from the inside out.

SO. Here we go! I’ll be back soon with other self-care tips as they come my way but, in the meantime, feel free to share any of yours below 🙂


Fa La La (Xo),


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