Review: NYC Restaurant Week

It was the best of times, it was (not) the worst of times.

It was Restaurant Week in NYC, people!

love Restaurant Week, especially in the summer, because it’s a very welcomed distraction to the fact that it’s a thousand degrees outside, a million percent humidity, and everything smells like pee.

(To be clear, pee=bad.)

So, to get us through these sweltering times, God gave us Restaurant Week – which pleasantly lasts multiple weeks and is a time of year when the fanciest restaurants in the city offer equal opportunity dining experiences for the little people (like me) to enjoy their fine fare without sacrificing rent payments that month.

(To be clear, rent=important.)

In New York City, participating restaurants offer a two- or three-course lunch for $26 and/or a three-course dinner for $42. I went to two lunches and two dinners. HERE ARE MY FEELINGS:

STK MIDTOWN: This is not my first time going to STK (which considers itself to be a more female-friendly steakhouse), but this is my first time going to this STK and it is my first time going to STK for lunch. So. I’m willing to call it a new experience. Aside from being practically impossible to find from the outside (damn you, NYC construction), it’s actually GORGEOUS on the inside and surprisingly open for an NYC restaurant. The food was yummmm and they did a lovely job of getting us in and out  of there quickly (damn you, work meetings), and I was FULL by the time we were finished. Meal included appetizer, main course, and some chocolates to go. They also have flower walls. (Is this important? Yes. Why? I’m not sure.)

ZUMA: This was another Restaurant Week lunch for me (Japanese, this time), and I do have to say that the portions were small, and if I am not full after a meal, literally no human on earth would be full after a meal. However, the tiny portions we did have were delicious. Like, really delicious. Which might have actually made it even sadder that they gave us so little. Also, it took us a really long time to pay, even though we were sitting at the bar and they were practically empty. They charged all of our cards multiple times, had to figure out how to undo it, banks got involved…the paying fiasco alone took a good 45 minutes. Whatever. They gave us a $100 gift card to say sorry and that’s a good enough sorry for me!

PERA: Ok, can I just say how AMAZING this Mediterranean place was?? The food was SO GOOD and they gave you SO MUCH. We couldn’t even finish it all. We couldn’t even come close. The pita basket alone (which you don’t even have to order, for the record) was half a meal, and it wasn’t even considered a course. So, big props to Pera for feeding us like we were paying full price.

BANN: So, this Korean restaurant is mere blocks from my house and I had zero idea until now. NYC is so amazingly unconquerable. They, too, gave really great portions and their food was sooo yummy. I did have a lot of fomo for not getting the goroke as my appetizer…which came out to other tables looking big, round, deep-fried balls of deliciousness. I love deep-fried balls of deliciousness! But, otherwise, no regrets. The salmon was *chef’s kiss*. Bann forever ❤

Sighhh. Miss you already, Restaurant Week. Happy eating!

Xo Charlene

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