Advice: Things has a whole new look!

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Things has a whole new look!

Ok, it’s time to address the (beautiful, lovely) elephant in the room – Things I’m Thinking has a whole new look! I completely love it and I hope you guys do, too.

Given some of the goals I have for this blog this year, I just felt like it was time for an update. And while I will always have a soft spot for my previous layout, nothing changes if nothing changes! (I read that somewhere recently and decided it was profound.)

SO, I wanted Things I’m Thinking to be clean but inviting, highly visual yet prose-focused, and warm. A place in which you wouldn’t mind staying for a while. So, kick back and relax for a second – because I have a few more things to say.

One of the things I’ve come to LOVE about the blogosphere (translation: a sphere made of blogs) is how passionate this community is about sharing advice on life, cooking, fashion, relationships, career, blogging, etc. Bloggers love to help people! And while I know I’ve used Things to advise on (or just talk about) some of the aforementioned topics, I told myself I could never, ever give any tips on blogging. Because I’m a baby blogger! Babies don’t advise big kids. (Somewhere between Darwinism and Rugrats, I’m pretty sure that’s a verified truth.)

But then it hit me that there are other baby bloggers, making baby steps, seeing baby wins (yes, I’m also trying to create a nice metaphor for “life” here), and that it’s ok for me to share with them some of the things that have been working for me.




3 Blogging Things I’ve Learned While Working On Things

It’s ok to get help from people who are good at the things you’re bad at. Had I not accepted this truth, Things never would have gotten its new layout! Listen, people. I’m a writer. I create with the written word. I story tell. With letters and sentences and punctuation and whatnot. But I am not a natural-born visual creative. I can’t, like, design things. So, for this revamp, I solicited the support of someone who can. I took her on as a freelancer, it was a totally fast (a couple hours) and affordable job (you could certainly get someone to give you a whole new page for less than $100), and it spared me SO much headache. Longer letter later here on how I found an amazing girl to work with and how I think you guys can, too 🙂

Remind yourself that you are a badass. This blogging hustle requires confidence. Putting your stuff out there to be read by people all over the world isn’t exactly the same as, say, doodling in your journal, so investing in your own self-growth is worth it. I’ve heard about a lot of books for bloggers, none of which I’ve read, BUT I have read You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, and (blogger or not) I would just like to say that it does the trick. A super quick read with very easy mantras to remind yourself daily of how great you are, it’s a confidence boost that any of us could use. You can order it (for a discount!) off of Amazon here:

Exploring sponsored posts. I was super, super hesitant about this because I did not create Things to sell anything. To anyone. I also hear the words “sponsored posts” and immediately think of a Kardashian or a Bravo-lebrity posing on Instagram in a bikini with face cream (no shade towards the Kardashians, Bravo-lebrities, IG, bikinis, or face cream). And I wanted to keep Things highly focused on life in all of its inspirational realness. BUT, the more research I did, the more I discovered that – alas – there is a world that exists between IG bikini posts and stabbing pins into a Sponsored Posts Voo-Doo Doll. That is the world I have come to live in with affiliate marketing companies like Fat Joe Publishing. I strongly encourage any of you baby bloggers (or big kid bloggers) to look into them or offerings like theirs. Basically, you let them know what kind of content you’d be interested in posting, and then they hit you up when they have something they think could work for you. There is absolutely no pressure to post anything they send you; you can pass as many times as you want. And they also send you a fully-written blog post that you can post exactly as is, if you’re comfortable with that. But, if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to rewrite everything they send you so you can put your own spin on it and create something authentic to your voice and your site. The good news is – that’s also totally fine! You can literally rewrite and edit a post as much as you want as long as you keep the couple of affiliate links they include in tact and don’t shorten the word count. And then, once you click “publish,” you get paid. You can check out a link here to read more about what they do:

COOL. So, that’s it for today. Phew, that was nerve-racking, but they’re out there now: my first official tips for bloggers! Now, excuse me while I proceed to reference my bedside copy of You are a Badass.

Xo Charlene

*Please note: this post contains affiliate links

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