Advice: Oh, self-care


Things have been crazy lately, haven’t they?

Also, I feel like I say that a lot. “Things have been crazy lately.” So if things are always crazy lately, does that just mean that things are always crazy? Is craziness just a thing? Is this LIFE??

Yes. Yes, it is. Isn’t it wonderful? 🙂

Snarky smiley-face aside, I mean that. This is life and we’re lucky to have one.

But that doesn’t mean the craziness can’t get to you. That doesn’t mean that getting tired, or sad, or frustrated isn’t ok. It is ok. It’s more than ok. Feel things. That’s what living is.

That’s what “being an adult” is. (I think? Is growing up mandatory?)

And being an adult is not just about letting yourself feel, but processing and productively working through those feelings. (I think? Please tell me growing up isn’t mandatory…)

At this point, we all know that I am all about self-care (Sundays are for candles, naps and junk food!), so today I’m offering up a few more recommendations to improve how you treat yourself.

Do-You Time

Doing you isn’t just a mindset, or some proclamation you get to make because you were brave enough to buy the dress your best friend said was tacky. It requires legitimate YOU TIME! And I know that can be scary. We all want company, companionship, partners and a plus one. But if you don’t spend enough time alone, you’ll never have a true understanding of who you are. And, trust me, you’re incredible. 

Don’t be afraid to be better

You are not relegated to repeating the same cycle for the rest of your life if it’s a cycle you don’t want to repeat. Escape your hamster wheel! Realities we want to improve are improvable. Believe in yourself and the things that you want and the dreams that you have and don’t be afraid of the possibility of falling but instead be excited about the chance you’ll fly. And I know some of our patterns are harder to break or more serious than others, but don’t be afraid to ask for help! Even if it’s not from your friends or your family, there are professionals, and going to one is not shameful. It’s inspiring. And kick ass. All kinds of experts exist these days (hypnotists, sex therapists, behavioral psychiatrists), so don’t believe you can’t because the truth is that you canBe the change you wish to see, people.    

Remember it’s ok to prioritize YOU

Does this mean you should be a terrible human being or treat everyone else however you want because you’re a big, bad, self-focused BOSS? No. Does this mean that maintaining your own health and happiness are acceptable pastimes? YES THEY ARE FAB PASTIMES, ACTUALLY.  When you start to realize that thinking of yourself as number one isn’t about everybody else coming second so much as it’s about being the best you that you can be for the people you love, you’ll start to feel a lot better about it. Never feel guilty about taking care of yourself.

And of course, on Sundays, take naps and eat junk food. ❤

Xo Charlene

**Please note – this post is a collabo and may contain affiliate links!

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