Review: Sojourn, NYC



I went to a very big girl brunch today with no booze and lots of potatoes.

Sojourn is a comfy yet lively new American spot on the upper east side (UES) with a $32.99 all-you-can-drink + an entree brunch deal that I didn’t even partake in because I had to come home and do taxes/keep working on my book/accomplish things this afternoon, ok?? However, the tables that were partaking were having a blast so I will for sure be back on a weekend when I have a few less responsibilities.

Things like bacon and lobster eggs Benedict and french fries with ginger ketchup pictured above. And potatoes. Did I mention potatoes?

I believe it was Aristotle who once said, “It is better to brunch with fried starches and no mimosas, than never to have brunched at all.”

Remember that, people.

Xo Charlene

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