Review: Amelie, NYC

Hi! I went to Amelie. It’s a wine bar in NYC where just about everyone else has been to before except for me. Until now. I’m back on the right side of history, folks!

Ok, so Amelie has locations in the Upper Westside and the West Village and also San Francisco, apparently, and I went to the location in the West Village. It was PACKED (even for a Thursday night in the city) but luckily my friends are forward-thinkers and, thus, I was living that “Why, yes, I do have a reservation” life.

The important things about Amelie are as follows:

  • It’s actually affordable for a wine bar! I don’t know about you, but I always go into wine bars anticipating a $50 piece of cheese. I did not, in fact, pay $50 for a piece of cheese.
  • In line with this “affordability” point, they had wine flights for $16. So like, three glasses of wine for $16. So, thanks, Amelie!
  • The food was also mmmm. I had a French onion soup and a crab-toast appetizer thingy and I was very content. Also a legit bucket of bread was placed on our table (for no clear reason besides “wine”) so that works for me.
  • That said, the space is tight and you will find yourself apologizing profusely to your neighboring table any time you move at all.
  • And it’s dark. Because it’s cool, ok? Cooler than those silly restaurants with “light.” Because of that, my pics turned out the way they did below. BUT, maybe that’s more the reason for us to put our phones away and enjoy good company, already!! Unplug, people.


Happy eating ā¤


Xo Charlene

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