Poem: Everything you did

All that I can think about is everything you did

How hard I laughed and also cried, but knew I’d never quit

All that I can think about is everything you said

The good things even though they weren’t the most prevalent

All that I can think about is how scared you always were

Of the goodness, of the happy, of our perfect universe

All that I can think about is how strong I know you are

How smart and good and able, like my own bright shining star

All that I can think about is the bigness of it all

How much it matters when you have it and, once it’s gone, how hard you fall

All that I can think about is the thinking that you do

How much I know it drains you; how bad you want the truth

But the truth is that you can’t just have the answers overnight

I know that now because of you, I know that you were right

The truth is that you’ll never be too weak to try again

No matter how you’re feeling or how the past has been

No matter what you’ve seen before we began to share a life

The truth is that your strength outpowers anybody’s fight

So I hope for you, I really do, and all the thoughts you have

I hope you take a breath and for a moment you are glad –

-that you have all the things you have in life and that you have with us

That you have safety and support and, most importantly, have love

And all that I can think about is everything you’ll do

If you’ll let it be ok or you’ll keep striving for a truth –

-that is already within you; that you know with all your heart

That’s existed and been with you from the moment of our start

And from the moment of your start, it’s always been right there

Breathe deep and just believe that it’s not going anywhere

And dare to just believe that sometimes life just treats you fair

For us, way more than fair; more like an answered prayer

And instead, look at tomorrow instead of everything you did

Instead, don’t over analyze everything you said

But believe in what you have and exactly what you are

And I’ll believe right with you as I wish upon the stars

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