Thoughts: Brazil and whatnot

Let me start off by acknowledging the fact that I know that I pretty much fell off the face of the the Earth (aka wasn’t posting all of my gibberish) for a while. In my defense, part of that is because I was quite literally on the other side of the Earth.

(The other part of my absence has fully to do with my commitment to dream-accomplishing in 2019. Longer letter later on that topic.)

Anywho, I WAS IN BRAZIL, PEOPLE!! A whole different South American country! And it was honestly incredible. There’s so much to say that I barely even know how to approach this post, so…bullets and pictures.

Never underestimate the power of bullets and pictures.

BUT, before I start bulleting and picture-pasting, I want to take a moment to be me for a second and say this: 2018 sucked. Unanimously. To the point where, even the people who did have a great 2018 don’t argue that 2018 was a great year overall because the popular opinion so heavily swings the other way. I’ve never really believed in that kind of stuff – badness that you can’t shake, I mean – but between the news, and politics, and life changes, last year was hard on a lot of us. Last year is the entire reason why I started this blog to begin with. And I remember the really sad times in 2018, and I remember how I told myself to plan for the future and dream for the future and look forward to the future, anyways, and Brazil was one of those future plans. And now I’ve done it. And it was so unbelievably amazing.

So I say that to say that the future comes. It gets here. So have dreams for it, have hopes for it, make plans for it. You have so many things to look forward to.

Now, back to my bullets and pictures.

  • Three of my besties and I went to a place called Natal, which is basically a magical beach town in the northeast part of Brazil where many Brazilians and zero Americans go to vacation. When people found out we were Americans (and, by that, I mean they looked at us), a very popular question was “How did you know about this place?” The answer? Timeshare availability, my friend.
  • It’s a full day of travel and lots of connections. Which was fine, because I bought my first C-looking neck pillow for the plane and was ready for action!! Was not ready, however, to miss our connection in Sao Paulo, which is – for the record – an airport the size of Disney World. Was also not ready for our bags to be trapped in Miami. The good news (aside from the fact that we were making our way to our beachy paradise)? Our luggage made it the next day and, in the meantime, I bought two dresses for basically 11 American dollars.
  • This brings me to my next point, that luxury is suddenly affordable in Natal. I live in NYC and I am not rich. My parents got me GrubHub gift cards for both Xmas and my birthday because delivery fees stress me out. However, in Natal, the exchange rate is almost 4 to 1 AND things just don’t cost money. A water bottle is 25 (American) cents. A cocktail is $2.50. We upgraded to a luxury hotel with a pool and a cabana and free breakfast every morning halfway through our trip because it was only $60/night. Then I landed at JFK and paid $5.25 for an Evian so, yeah. Welcome home!
  • The people in Natal are angels. I’ve never met an entire community of people who are so kind, gracious, hospitable, patient, loving…I could go on for days. They speak Portuguese, we speak broken Spanish, and then they would apologize to us for not understanding. We made so many new “friends” and I’m going to tell myself that they consider us “friends” now, too. Those silly little Americans who kept trying to make “vodka soda” a thing.
  • The food is to die for. I already love seafood so maybe I am slightly biased, but also no, I’m not, because this food was just impeccable. We went to gorgeous restaurants and received amazing service and had appetizers and drinks and lobster and crab and shrimp and calamari and paid $30 and did it all again the next day.
  • I rode a camel. I don’t think camels belong in Natal? But, hell, neither did Americans.

Pics to prove it happened!


Dream your dreams, ladies and gents.




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