Review: Oyamel, Washington, DC

I went to Oyamel in Washington, DC, which is a Mexican restaurant by Jose Andres, and need I say more?? (Probably, and that’s fine. Basically, he’s a really good chef and a humanitarian and if you want to know much more than that, be my guest!)

Anyways, I went there and it was amazing and, thus, I wanted to share it with you guys! They have happy hour at the bar and you know how I feel about a good deal, and they have a bunch of amazing $4 tacos. I left so full and only $26 poorer than I was when I walked in!! (No, that was not all spent on $4 tacos.)

Check out some pics from our amazing dinner below!

If you’re ever in DC, this place is TOTALLY worth a visit! Call ahead if it’s happy hour time – yummy places, unfortunately, tend to be the most popular.

Happy dining!

Xo Charlene

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