Thoughts: New you and, coincidentally, a new year


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Hi! I hate New Year’s Resolutions. Because I don’t think we need to wait until a new year to resolve to change ourselves! This year, I did it in April, and look at me now!! Basically a major influencer with a blogging empire and 100+ followers to show for it!! (Thank you for tolerating my sick wit and humor ❤)

But, in all seriousness, I hate New Year’s Resolutions because I do think we put more pressure on a new year than we should. You can change yourself whenever you damn well please! A new year isn’t the marker that things will finally be different, nor is it a guarantee that they even will be. You are the guarantee. It’s you that’s going to be the same or not. There’s a song lyric I sing frequently (because I sing frequently), and it goes “The whole world could change in a minute / Just one kiss can stop it spinning and no, we aren’t talking about kissing right now, but I think you get my point. (But, in case you don’t, my point is that the whole world can change in a minute.)

That being said, I’m also trend-aware enough to know a lot of you will be making New Year’s Resolutions even after my transformative speech above about why they are unnecessary, so let’s take some time to talk about some you might want to consider, shall we?

Homes, homes, homes!

Home is where the heart is, guys! I feel strongly that there are certain categorical things that can throw off your whole balance if they aren’t working out. One example is when your job sucks (which we will talk about in a sec) and another is when your living situation isn’t up to snuff. Home is meant to be where we retreat from the world when we need it most, so if you aren’t happy where you are, maybe it’s time to change that. So many of my friends moved this year! It was so inspiring. And I just renewed my lease for the third time, which is the longest I’ve lived ANYWHERE besides my parents’ house. It’s worth it, guys, to live in a good building with good neighbors and a good on-site superintendent and good maintenance in a good location. And if you don’t have what you need out of your home, I hope you consider changing it. And if you’re one of those people who’s ready to start looking at buying (You go, Glen Coco!!!), start looking into a reputable mortgage company, turn on HGTV, and live your best life.

Work, work, work!

So, I got a new job this year. And something about this particular new-job-transition has brought me to the realization that human beings are expected to work for a longgggg time. Not just in terms of a daily basis (because let’s get real – how many of us are actually working at a job that doesn’t start until 9am and officially ends for the rest of the evening at 5pm?), but also in terms of life. Millennials may literally be working forever. And, to my point above about categorical things that can throw your whole world off balance, I think it’s important to try and do something you don’t complete despise if you’re going to be doing it forever. So, I hope you have the faith in yourself to invest in finding work that makes you happy. And if you’re not there, that’s ok, just try to get there. As I’ve already said once on this blog (and will continue to say over and over again so the universe’s powers will pick up on my energy), I want to have a book contract by 11/1. It means writing a lot a lot, which I already do, but that’s not an excuse. And it means editing a lot a lot, which I also already do, and is still not an excuse. Because forever is worth getting right, people.

Money, money, money!

My strategy is playing the lottery any time the jackpot gets big enough for the whole world to know about, and also buying penny stocks! Jk, jk. (I mean, ok, yeah, I’m currently doing both of those things but not, like, in lieu of actually knowing money is real and can practically evaporate without knowing how to budget it.) Money is not everything, but it is definitely an important part of a lot of things, and I know it’s really easy to feel like you don’t have enough. It’s never too late to get those dollar bills in order, folks. So, if you know you can be doing better, let’s do it!

Me, me, me!

You are so dope. Treat yourself like you love yourself. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Buy yourself things (within reason) because you love yourself. It’s hard out there, and scary at times, stressful and anxiety-inducing, to say the least. And my utmost hope for you is that people have always been and will always continue to be good to you. But at the very least (and that’s not to discredit how important this is), I hope you’ll resolve to be good to yourself.


And, lastly, I read one other thing on Twitter the other day, the happiest place on earth as far as I’m concerned. A girl who I don’t follow, and who I’m not directly quoting, said something along the lines of the following:

This year, I learned to walk. Next year, I’ll learn to fly.


Let’s join her.


Xo Charlene


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