Thoughts: A few of my favorite adulting things

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Guys, I LOVE this time of year. This is legit and officially MY time of year. I THRIVE. I REFLECT. I help lost little boys in grocery stores reunite with their fathers who’ve wandered down a new aisle without them! (Once. I did that once but that has to count for good karma for at least a few years, I would think.) Anyways, the point is, I’m a bundle of Christmas anticipation on a yearly basis and here comes my annual joyfulness all over again.

Except one thing.

Has anyone else started to feel kind of…

Dare I say it…

OLD this time of year?

Ok, now I know “old” is relative. I’m 29 years old, and Boomers read that and are like “WHAT? I was an Olympic gold medalist at your age!” While Gen Z reads that and is like “WHOA. Did you have those weird CD-things I’ve heard about when you were growing up??” And I read it like, “’Oh, you’re the same age Jack was when Will and Grace first started’ and I don’t know how that does or doesn’t make me feel but binging on Will and Grace sounds good right now, doesn’t it?”

And thus is the circle of life.

As someone who would rather be young forever (literally, my dad dubbed Jay Z’s Young Forever onto the DVD he made when I graduated from college), I think it’s time to highlight all the good things about getting older. Because I want you all to feel good about yourselves! Adulting can be SO FUN!! **Smile until you believe it.**

Alright, so here are a few of my favorite things (see what I did there? Because Xmas??) to do now that I’m getting older and older.

House hunting!

Guys, I totally can’t afford a house. I have MBA loans and an NYC apartment and a dog that requires A LOT, so the thought of a house at this very moment makes me giggle like the Pillsbury Doughboy. (Also, is he still around??) That said, we all know I am about visualizing and putting stuff into the universe and so who says I can’t start picking out my perfect kitchen now?? I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration for my future house, and my mom and I LITERALLY tour luxury townhomes anytime I come home now. I will own one. Let’s say in the next two years, just to keep things interesting. And, in the meantime, if you’re more financially ready than I am to house-commit, you can peruse what you ought to know about the best mortgage rate here.

Taking care of ourselves!

I went on an alcohol cleanse the past week and half, just because. Because our bodies have to last us forever! At least, in human years.

I have this chronic shoulder pain every time I’m sitting at my desk for too long (which is basically scientific proof that corporate America kills), and I already have friends with knee problems, teeth problems, and wrist problems. SO, obviously this means it’s time to explore fun ways of taking better care of ourselves! My new thing is this massage package I bought at the spa by my apartment that includes three 60-minute, aromatherapy massages for a price that I can totally afford! I’ve also been doing keto in short stints over the past few months…which I’m not really sure is how keto can or should work, but a few days with no carbs makes me feel light as a feather, so I do it! And I’m also a huge fan of Swork It when I can’t drag myself to the gym. It’s about the little things, people! Life is about maximizing joy and minimizing pain. So take care of yourselves, friends.

Maximizing my free time!

Was anyone else extremely bored/felt like a loser if they had even 15 unscheduled minutes in a day when they were younger? When I was in high school and college, if I didn’t have plans for all waking hours, I was in the midst of an existential crisis. But I am sooo about free time now. I actually schedule it for myself. Literally. Like, sorry, no, I actually can’t go to brunch and shop afterwards because shopping will eat into the nap time I’ve scheduled for myself. I think maybe when we’re younger, we don’t appreciate our free time because it’s so much easier to come by. Now, it’s like a four-leafed clover. So cherish it, and treat it as such, and if you can swing it, squeeze in a self-care Sunday in the coming weeks. **Note: you can insert “self-care” in front of any day of the week and use it to focus on you and your you-ness. I just love alliteration and parallelism, that’s all.

So as you sit around this holiday, potentially feeling older than you’ve ever been (because you are), commit to things that make you happy and are good for you. Because you, much like scotch (I think?), are just getting better with age.

Happy holidays!

Xo Charlene


*This post was a collabo and may include affiliate links!

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