Review: Anejo Tribeca, NYC

Hi. I went to brunch on Saturday and that’s important because it was delicious.

I’m not going to inundate you with words about this spectacular brunch experience because a picture is worth a thousand words, BUT here are some key things I must note for the sake of *journalism*:

  • This is Anejo Tribeca
  • The brunch deal is all you can eat tapas and all you can drink cocktails for two hours for $47 (aka, free in NYC)
  • All you can drink cocktails is actually cocktails and not just mimosas (although I’m not here to shade mimosas). Margaritas and sangria were also options. That’s big for a bottomless brunch, folks
  • They believe in late-90s/early-00’s playlists, and how ironic because so do I


Ok, so now that the facts have been stated, please enjoy the drool-worthy pictures I managed to take of the food we didn’t gobble up too fast for me to document.


Honestly, guys, we had so much food. And in a moment of sheer unprofessionalism, we became so happy to be eating it that I forgot to snap pics of half of it. But, in my defense: does a better brunch endorsement even exist?


Happy eating and I hope you smile today ❤


Xo Charlene

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