Thoughts: 100 followers!

Guys. Things I’m Thinking is officially at 100 followers.

That’s a big deal! (Right? I think? Maybe? Regardless…)

Ok, whether it’s a big deal OR a little deal, life is hard and if we aren’t the ones to be into who we are and what we’re doing, who else is going to be?

So, I have 100 followers now and I’m choosing to be into it.

FIRST, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has followed. As anyone who reads this blog knows by now, I am a writer first and foremost, and as much as I write for myself, it also makes my heart warm in an indescribable way to have my words read and appreciated. So thank you for reading, thank you for appreciating, and thank you for keeping me warm.

SECOND, I want to make a shameless plug for myself and suggest that anyone who isn’t already following, starts following! Things I’m Thinking is a fun place to be, and don’t you want to be a part of the next big milestone??? (That will be 200 followers, for the record.)

LASTLY, after very careful consideration and prioritization, I’d like to share the ten things I’m going to do to celebrate this accomplishment we’ve been able to reach together.

Cool, so here we go…

  • Watch Drunk History. I know I’m embarrassingly late to this party, considering I just saw my first episode three days ago…but life is for living and I’m ready to make up for lost time so Drunk History binge session, HERE I COME.
  • Have rum and eggnogI love rum and eggnog so much, you guys. I wait until November 1 every single year because I am extremely confident that is the official moment when it is completely fine to have a rum and eggnog whenever you want. (Also, social norms are dumb, so if you want a rum and eggnog in July, as LeeAnn Womack would say: I HOPE YOU DANCE.)
  • Have a Baileys hot chocolate. Big kid chocolate milk and I’m all the way here for it.
  • Do something besides just drink/watch shows about drinking and instead watch another terrible/amazing Netflix Christmas movie. As we all know by now, I loveeee bad TV. I am the reason why Lifetime has a network and the Housewives have a job. Still waiting on my thank you card from all the C-list personalities who I’ve singlehandedly kept employed, but that’s cool. In the meantime, I’m super committed to what Netflix is doing with holiday movies (aka, destroying them) and can’t wait to cuddle up on the couch and keep watching.
  • Try to make a Tasty recipe. I love Tasty soooo much. I favorite 95% of their Tweets so I can easy-reference zillions of recipes for the 500-person dinner party I’m never throwing. But, in honor of celebration and holiday joy, I’m gonna make one! Longer post later on which one I choose πŸ™‚
  • Brunch at Anejo. I love myself a good bottomless brunch, especially at a place I’ve never been before. Anejo Tribeca, here I come! Longer post later on that experience, too!
  • Keep writing my book. I’m visualizing November 1, 2019, to finally sign my very first book deal. Visualize with me, friends…we’re gonna do it.
  • Finish reading Becoming by Michelle ObamaBehind every passionate writer is an avid reader.
  • Order a white chocolate mocha with a pump of peppermint from Starbucks. It is THE BEST wintry drink at Starbucks and it’s not even officially on the menu. I mean, it’s basically just syrup and diabetes in a cup, but it’s a holiday cup and you deserve it.
  • Buy tickets for London. YES. I had this moment a few months ago where I was pouting, trying to understand how everyone else can afford to travel when I can’t. And then it hit me. THEY CAN’T AFFORD IT, EITHER. We’re millennials. We accidentally went to college and have been punished for it with butt loads of crippling student loan debt while we immaturely chase our dreams in overpriced cities so we can live a life of passion vs. a 55-year-hell of 9-to-5’s. Crazy…**eye roll.** So, instead of pouting, I’ve elected to keep dream-chasing. And that means traveling!! So Brazil/London/2019…get ready.


So, in conclusion, thank you all so much again. And I hope you find your own reason to celebrate yourself in the very near future. You’re amazing. Acknowledge it.

Xo Charlene

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