Review: Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Ok, so it’s time for me to talk about Sierra Burgess is a Loser, which I watched entirely on accident/because Netflix is in my head and knows what I want to watch before I do. Spoiler alert: it was amazing. If you disagree, you’re probably heartless. Literally, I laughed, literally, I cried, it was a complete emotional roller coaster and I am still on the mend.


Sierra Burgess is aLoser

Alright. So, in the same vein as To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a high-school-centered, Netflix original rom-com that exists to get you through those awkward hours between brunch-is-over and dinnertime on a Sunday afternoon. And, while I have committed very heartfelt hours to watching both, I will say that I am way, WAY more into Sierra Burgess is a Loser. And here is why:

  • The title. When I first told someone I was watching a movie called Sierra Burgess is a Loser, he told me that sounded like the title of one of those fiction stories you used to buy at those book fairs in elementary school, and L-O-L because that is so. True.
  • Noah Centineo. And ok, yes, even though technically he is also in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Beforehe is better in this one, and I’m more into what’s going on in this one, and also WHAT IS THIS MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY WE HAVE MADE WITH NOAH CENTINEO. Does anyone else’s insides get inexplicably warm anytime Noah pops up anywhere now? And where did he even come from? Seriously – where was Noah 12 minutes ago?? Because I didn’t even know he was a human until he popped up in back to back Netflix movies and now I need to practically clutch my chest with affection anytime I spot him anywhere. In this movie, he’s playing a super cute, super introspective jock who has nervous texting tendencies, can have philosophical conversations with you about stuff like what kind of flower you each would be, and knows perfect sign language to talk to his deaf little brother. So, yeah. Shout out to Noah.noah centineo
  • The plot. I was super, duper into this plot. Because it’s Catfish. Sierra Burgess is catfishing him. They even straight up call it catfishing multiple times. But it feels kind of less bad because she didn’t set the trap, he just sort of…stumbled into it. Annddd now I’m blaming the victim and Nev and Max hate me.
  • The characters. I actually loved all of them SO much. Sierra Burgess is NOT your typical high school ‘loser’ who just strives to be friends with the cool girls. She actually doesn’t want to be friends with the cool girl. But, since this is a movie, they end up becoming friends out of necessity, and the cool girl is so much more complex than your typical high school cool girl. And the jock (aka Noah, aka my insides are getting warm) is literally a perfect human being, and Sierra’s BFF is legit hilarious, and they’re all just really good together.
  • The emotions. I honestly laughed out loud multiple times, which means something coming from me, people! It is not easy to make me laugh. I have a very elevated sense of humor! The only sitcom I’ve laughed at in recent memory is Modern Family. I can sit through an entire stand-up routine and smile only to be polite. When most might cry-face-Emoji the situation, I often drop a mere “lol.” So the fact that I laughed out loud over and over again is a significant statement. I also teared up like once or twice (but, will say that while my sense of humor might be especially refined, my tear ducts are super basic and will go into effect if a breeze blows). At one point I even audibly gasped – during the football game scene, when Sierra for sure lost her ever-loving mind for a second.


So these are my feelings! My feelings are YOU SHOULD WATCH. Because joy matters and Netflix is out here trying to improve lives ❤

Happy viewing!

Xo Charlene

3 thoughts on “Review: Sierra Burgess is a Loser

  1. I’ve been a Noah Centineo fan since he joined The Fosters but this year he really stepped into his own. I thought this movie was so cute! I did like it better than To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I’ve been looking over your pop culture section and I feel like we could be tv friends.

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