Review: The Smith, NYC

Last weekend was girls’ weekend! That means my girlfriends came to town and had lots of cheese and yummy drinks and when that wasn’t happening, we were at restaurants eating our faces off (ok, maybe those activities are all exactly the same).

This post is probably a little overdue because I love The Smith and am literally always there and have already been to three out of four of their NYC locations multiple times, but remembering to take pics all the time is hard! And you can’t just post about food without pics because we are visual beings and if you ate a meal and there are no pictures to prove it, did it even make a sound?

The Smith is a go-to favorite of mine, partially because it’s right up the street and also because it’s the perfect answer to that moment when you’re saying “I really want good, modernish American food that’s nice but not uptight and doesn’t leave me feeling like shit afterwards.” Aka, a place with avocado on the menu but not necessarily caviar.

Enter The Smith. Fun food, cool vibes, carb-filled menu that’s perfect for a girls’ weekend. You definitely need a reservation pretty much at all times if you don’t want to wait an hour to be seated, and it’s also worth going to their website to check out the daily specials at each of their restaurants before you decide which day you want to go. (Fried chicken Wednesdays, omggggg.)

We went on a Friday, so no fried chicken for us. But other deliciousness pictured below:


Check it out, if you haven’t. And happy eating!


Xo Charlene

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