Review: Butter, NYC

Recently, I had happy hour at Butter in NYC. Upon visiting, I’m not entirely sure why it’s called Butter, but I know that butter is delicious, and it’s right by my new office, so that was logic enough for me!

Butter is the brain child/restaurant of Alex Guarnaschelli, who is pretty much famous because Food Network is a thing, and you’ve probably seen her on shows like Chopped, Iron Chefand Beat Bobby Flayif watching those shows is your kind of thing. (They are very much my kind of thing.)

Here’s a visual of Alex to make this all the more real for you:

alex guarnaschelli


So, YES. For all the right reasons, I ended up at Butter for happy hour.

First off, the inside has a great vibe and feels super exclusive-in-a-good-way. Happy hour is only at the bar, so that’s where we stayed because money, BUT I will say I wish we’d also had dinner. Because I definitely noticed a few good-looking plates pass us by on their way to tables. Also because I have a fair amount of FOMO about leaving a place called Butter without ever actually and explicitly tasting their butter.

However, what I did taste was good! And totally reasonable for happy hour. So if you’re looking for an elevated and affordable after-work experience in midtown – and, by elevated, I mean drinks that actually come in nice glasses in environments that don’t feel like dress-like-a-grown-up day at a frat house – I think Butter could be for you!

Pics below to prove I was there:

Happy eating!


Xo Charlene

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