Review: Firebirds, Gaithersburg, MD

Shout out to all my Gaithersburg peeps out there! (Anyone?) (No one?)

Since WordPress is literally red-squiggly-lining “Gaithersburg” every time I type it, I’m going to take the hint and accept that a minor geography lesson might be in order. A few things to know about Gaithersburg:

  • It’s a real place in the modern world, even if it does sound like it could be a setting in the Canterbury Tales.
  • It’s in Maryland, about 30 minutes from Washington, DC, part of Montgomery County (MoCo, if you know what’s up), and also a legitimate member of the “DMV.”
  • It’s in Urban Dictionary, which is kind of amazing, mainly hilarious, and completely ridiculous. (**Please note the views of Urban Dictionary are not my own nor, generally speaking, are they ever anyone’s.)
  • I grew up there.
  • There are restaurants there.
  • I love it there.

Ok! So, now that that’s all clear, let’s get back to food.

I was home visiting my parents a couple weeks ago and had a family dinner date at Firebirds. It’s a national chain and we had my college graduation dinner at the one in North Carolina, but I haven’t been back since and they recently opened one up around the corner from where my parents live. So of course I had to try it because I take my food critiquing exercises seriously!

They have awesome cocktails and extensive American food options. It’s a super fun vibe and you’re gonna be SO FREAKING FULL when you leave. But who pays money to stay hungry?

It also seems like it’d be a ton of fun for happy hour. So, I’ll be planning to corroborate or disprove that assumption the next time I’m home 🙂

Pics below!

Happy eating!


Xo Charlene

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