Review: Gabriela’s, NYC

In case you missed it (like I pretty much did), there was a very minor soccer tournament going on for the past couple of weeks. (You’re welcome!)

And, because we are the absolute best at planning things, we ended up at a sports bar 10 minutes after the championship game started and it was more packed than the Titanic lifeboats SHOULD HAVE BEEN (RIP Jack), so we ended up at Gabriela’s on the Upper West Side instead.

I’ve been to Gabriela’s a few times before with the fam, and it’s always been great Mexican food. It was also actually the perfect setup for soccer consumption! Three TVs and half the bar was inside, half outside. It wasn’t overly crowded meaning it wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear each other talk, which was important because it’s good to have something to do while goals aren’t being scored.

All the times I’ve been to Gabriela’s, it’s always been easy and it’s always been delicious and the margaritas are decently strong, so that’s all I’m ever really looking for when it comes to Mexican food!

So, the next time you’re craving some complimentary chips and salsa, keep this place in mind 🙂

Pics below to confirm I was actually there:

Xo Charlene

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