Things I’m Learning: Bodhi Edition

So, as part of my Year of Realizing Stuff, I’ve decided to make an effort to proactively learn more. I already nerd out pretty hard when it comes to books, so that helps. I just (literally, moments ago) completed a Google DoubleClick Search training, so I’m gonna decide that counts towards my betterment goal, too.

And last night, I cheated on Langston with this animal:


This is Bodhi. He is legit famous. He has a tumblr called  Menswear Dog  where he poses in menswear and makes you feel things and looks better in clothing than most humans.

My friend (pictured in the above photo) and I went to this event last night that Express (the clothing store) was hosting in NYC. It was part of their new Success & Style education series, which I’ve decided I’m into for a couple of reasons:

  1. As a marketer myself, I can only imagine how valuable it is for them to get foot traffic not only into their store, but to stay in their store, while we eat and drink and take selfies and post them to social and maybe even see some clothes we want to buy. People online shop these days. So why not use their retail location as an event space?
  2. As a human, I like food and free drink and cute dogs and clothes and learning things, so sign me up!


Last night’s event was called How to Build Your Brand, and Bodhi – along with his mom, Yena Kim – chatted with us about how Bodhi got to be such a star. (Ok, so really Yena spoke to us, because Bodhi is magical but not dog-can-talk kind of magical, and I’m ok with that because we all have our shortcomings.)

Yena did a great job talking to us about how she got started doing Menswear Dog, what some of her plans are to continue to grow Bodhi’s brand, and how she made the decision to do this as her fulltime job (but I imagine it probably helped that GQ reached out to her about Bodhi on day two of her tumblr being live).


So, I asked her about it. Because I wanted to know how – how in the world did Bodhi get to be such a big deal? I mean yes, he’s cute and has great angles and the perfect shoulders for a men’s blazer, but there had to be some kind of outreach strategy, growth strategy, something.

But Yena said no. She was bored one day and posted the pics for fun. Her friends loved it. Pretty soon a lot of people loved it. And the biggest learning she said she had to share with me was the fact that content is everything to her. She won’t post a bad picture. She brainstorms the right settings for photoshoots. That’s what matters, for her. The content.

Content, as zillions of people say every day, is king.

And I agree. As a general rule, crap doesn’t sell. But I also agree for a bigger reason. Because if crap doesn’t sell, then fake crap definitely doesn’t sell, and I think that was my biggest takeaway about what Yena is doing right now. She’s doing what she’s doing because she loves fashion and she loves her dog and she started it without thinking about money, and I bet she’d keep doing it without the money. Probably not full time…because bills…but I bet she would still have her tumblr.

I think. I hope. I can’t say for sure. Which made me start wondering how much of what I do would I keep doing if I wasn’t thinking about results? To me, that’s the difference between what you want to do and what you have to do, what you should keep doing and maybe shouldn’t keep doing, what you love and what you don’t.

I’m realizing, fortunately, that I can say that the vast majority of what I’m doing in my life right now are things I’d be doing even if they weren’t driving results. A year ago, I probably couldn’t say the same. A year from now, who knows. But, right now, I can.

I hope you can, too.

And I hope you start following Bodhi. Because he’s adorable. And he’s (almost as) perfect (as Langston).


Xo Charlene



8 thoughts on “Things I’m Learning: Bodhi Edition

  1. Oh man! Those little laws in the little suit! My heart just melted. Thanks for bringing him into my life, I’m now gonna go stalk him 😛

    P.S. It is so awesome that you’re doing all these different things to keep bettering yourself. I always make plans to do things along the lines but barely keep to them.

    Liked by 1 person

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