Review: Things I’m Cooking: Chrissy Teigen Edition

I like Chrissy Teigen, so I bought her cookbook a year ago. I haven’t made a single thing from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, but that is not the point. The point is that I bought it, and that makes me loyal. (Follow me, Chrissy?)

However, in honor of my Year of Realizing Stuff, and the fact that figuring out what to have for dinner is a never-ending, Tolkien-esque saga in my life, I’ve decided to start trying to cook some of these things! Projects ❤

COOL, so a couple things to note about me before I get started:

  • I like to cook
  • I’m good at cooking
  • By nature of being a millennial/human in New York City, I am always on a budget
  • I have no dietary restrictions besides foods I won’t eat because I hate them

However, I am NOT:

  • A meat-hater, a vegetable-hater, a seafood-hater, or a hater of any general type of cuisine
  • I am also not bougie, and I’m not NOT bougie



So, earlier this week, I started perusing the following Chrissy Teigen cookbook:



I came across a section titled, “Things That Intimidate People But Shouldn’t.” I can’t even think of a better title for a meal-attempt on my part during my Year of Realizing Stuff. I’m gonna realize I don’t need to be intimidated while cooking seemingly difficult meals! I’m here for that.

So I got one page into the Don’t-Be-Intimidated section and came across Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage (pg. 176 for people who own the book). I only needed to buy four ingredients because I owned everything else already. So, yeah. I was down.

My favorite kind of recipes are the ones where I don’t have to follow them exactly just to avoid catastrophe. This was one of those! Like, I didn’t have a potato masher to mash my sweet potatoes, so I used a fork. Also, I don’t have a single instrument that can be used to accurately measure anything, so I guesstimate what a “cup” would be by eyeballing what looks like a 5oz. pour in one of my wine glasses. I need recipes that bend with me. That let me live.

Can I live, Chrissy?

Based on how this experiment turned out, I’m convinced she is emphatically saying (because she’s reading this), “YES, CHARLENE. YES, YOU CAN.”

I will say, my final product wasn’t beautiful (which is why I’m being super shallow about this and not posting the pic), but it wasn’t ugly. It was a solid 6.5 on the attractiveness scale. But I take responsibility for that because I didn’t fully follow all the instructions. So my gnocchi wasn’t pretty, but it tasted SO GOOD. I was shocked. Not because I expected it to taste bad at all, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT dope. I’m equal parts full and craving a million more bites. Really. MAKE THIS GNOCCHI.

And, aside from tasting like magic, I also cooked it in the amount of time she says it’s gonna take! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FREQUENTLY THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. Unless you cook, and then you know. Especially if you subscribe to one of those meal-prep programs…**Looking shadily at you, Blue Apron.

So, all in all, I’m super happy with this entire experience and will definitely be cooking with Chrissy(‘s cookbook) again! (You should, too!)

Happy Sunday dinners, everyone.


Xo Charlene


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